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DAKAR RALLY 2014 — 16 days/15 nights

Argentina / Bolivia / Chile


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Welcome to the Dakar Rally, January 2014

The 2014 Dakar Rally will be the 35th running of the event and the sixth successive year that the event is held in South America.

2014 Dakar Rally Route replaces Peru with Bolivia. The event will start in Rosario, Argentina on January 5 and finish in Valparaiso, Chile on January 18 after thirteen stages of competition, which will comprise a total distance of over 8,500 kilometres.

This year the Dakar Rally is continuing its exploration of the Andes regions by organising a visit to Bolivia. No doubt that this challenging stage will test the off-road endurance qualities of the drivers and teams.

Some 450 vehicles in four classes of competition are expected to start the event. How many of them will finish?

The route, which will pass through North West Argentina's canyons and sandy valleys, Salar de Uyuni, or the dunes of the Atacama Desert will require skilful driving as well the careful management of mechanical aspects. With longer special stages and several marathon stages, the 2014 Dakar's competitors will constantly be required to tackle extreme endurance conditions.

For the first time in the history of the Dakar rally, Bolivia will set the scene for a marathon stage with the motorcycle riders' bivouac on the Salar de Uyuni salt flats.

The competitors are looking forward to the challenge facing the motorcycle riders in the seventh stage of the rally, right in the heart of the world's largest salt flat.

As pointed out by Etienne Lavigne, director of the Dakar: "The riders in the motorcycle category will come up against a stage that stands out both for its beauty and for its toughness. Even at the end of the day they will be left to their own resources, since it will be a marathon stage where they'll only be allowed to get assistance from other riders. This is the sort of ultimate challenge we like to see in rally raids..."

Our Dakar 2014 travel package will captivate adventure travelers, taking in one highlight after another. Unquestionably, one of them will be exploring the southern Altiplano region at Salar de Uyuni salt flats.

Christophe Blondeau kicks up sand on his Yamaha during Dakar 2012 (Reuters/Jacky Naegelen)

Stephane Peterhansel races his Mini during Dakar 2013
(AFP/Franck Fife)

French biker Cyril Despres claims fifth Dakar
rally win in 2013
(KTM/Maragni M.)


• BUENOS AIRES - Also called Capital Federal (Federal Capital) Buenos Aires is the capital of the Argentina and one of the largest cities in Latin America. With lots of cultural offerings, it is the point of departure for travelling to the rest of Argentina. The large avenidas are lined with shops and there is plenty so see and do in Buenos Aires.

• ROSARIO - Argentina's third largest city, Rosario is home to more than a million people. Enjoy historical journeys through the boulevards, appreciate the city's architectural wealth, visit the house where "El Che Guevara" was born and a variety of museums in the city—from art to science and natural history, walk along "Paseo del Siglo" pedestrian walkway or along "Paseo del Caminante" near the beach...

• SALTA - At 1,152 metres (3780 feet) above sea level, Salta is the capital city of the Salta Province in the northwest of Argentina. The weather is typically warm and dry but January and February are the months with greatest rainfall. You will enjoy the old, colonial architecture, Salta's tourism friendliness, awesome weather and the natural scenery of the valleys westward.

• UYUNI SALT FLATS or Salar de Uyuni in southwestern Bolivia - A succession of stunning landscapes and unusual shapes that captivate the visitor at first sight. Covering nearly 11,000 square kilometers, it is the largest salt plain in the world. With the mountains and the sky as its only frontiers, it allows us to observe mirages and optical illusions due to solar radiation and the crystallized ground. In its interior, virgin, uninhabited islands are home to immense cacti, unusual flowers and strange fauna.

• CALAMA - Located in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, at an elevation of 2,260 m (7,400 ft), Calama is one of the driest cities in the world with average annual precipitation of just 5 mm (0.20 in).

• THE WEST COAST - Travel along the Pacific coast, west of the Atacama Desert and the Pampa del Tamarugal, from Iquique in northern Chile and down to Antofagasta, El Salvador, La Serena...

• VALPARAISO - A bustling port town and UNESCO World Heritage site, its mix of colonial history, cobbled streets and beautiful gardens makes Valparaiso one of South America’s most intriguing cities, a real colonial gem. The city is widely known for its bohemian culture, brightly colored houses, and beautiful seaside views. "Valpo", as the locals refer to Valparaiso, is located approximately 120km west of the capital, Santiago de Chile.

• SANTIAGO DE CHILE - Santiago is the capital and economic centre of Chile. With its many museums, events, theaters, restaurants, bars and other entertainment and cultural opportunities, it is also the political and cultural center of the country. Don't miss the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino (Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art), Jazz Clubs, Cerro San Cristóbal and Plaza De Armas...


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The 2014 Dakar Rally will be held from 05 to 18 January 2014.

January is wet/rainy season.

Key Dates of the 2014 Dakar Rally
Opening of entries:15th May 2013
Deadline for submitting motorcycle entries: 7th July 2013
Deadline for submitting entries: 1st November
Loading of European vehicles: end of November
Technical verifications in Rosario: 2nd to 4th January 2014
Start ceremony: 4th January
DAKAR: 5th to 18th January
Rest day: 11th January in Salta (Argentina)

Day 1 - Saturday, January 04, 2014. Arrive Buenos Aires and fly to Rosario. Settle in your hotel in Rosario. Visit the Dakar campsite and be part of the Dakar Start Ceremony.


From the podium start through deserts and over the Andes we follow this amazing race. Get ready for some big days of riding and make sure you have plenty of spare SD cards for your camera. We witness the action like no other tour. From the start to the finish we take you where the action is.


Sunday, January 05, 2014.
Podium Start. Rosario to San Luis. [B]

Monday, January 06, 2014.
San Luis to San Rafael. [B]

Tuesday, January 07, 2014.
San Rafael to San Juan. [B]

Wednesday, January 08, 2014.
San Juan to Chilecito. [B]

Thursday, January 09, 2014.
Chilecito to Tucumán. [B]

Friday, January 10, 2014.
Tucumán to Salta. [B]

Saturday, January 11, 2014.
Rest day in Salta. [B]

Sunday, January 12, 2014.
Salta to Salta/Uyuni. [B]

Monday, January 13, 2014.
Salta/Uyuni to Calama. [B]

Tuesday, January 14, 2014.
Calama to Iquique. [B]

Wednesday, January 15, 2014.
Iquique to Antofagasta. [B]

Thursday, January 16, 2014.
Antofagasta to El Salvador. [B]

Friday, January 17, 2014.
El Salvador to La Serena. [B]

Saturday, January 18, 2014.
La Serena to Valparaíso. Podium Finish. [B]


Day 16 - Sunday, January 19, 2014. Valparaíso to Santiago de Chile. [B]

Exact route for the 2014 Dakar hasn’t been confirmed yet. Hence this itinerary is indicative and we reserve the right to alter the exact route as further information becomes available.

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UYUNI, BOLIVIA - 12 January, 2014


Juan-Carlos Salvatierra

Night has fallen and the cold is starting to make itself felt. Nonetheless, the sound of bands rings out in the nearby town and the sky is streaked with fireworks that the celebrating population are launching towards the stars, which are already nearer when you live at an altitude of 3,700 metres…As he leaves the refectory where the escapees of the stage are studying the road-book for the next day, a family with a VIP pass who are enjoying the privilege of entering the Dakar adventurers' bivouac hails him with a hearty “Chavo! Chavo!” With a weary smile, he poses for a photo, once again. “It's incredible, you know!” he says. “All these people with their flags and the President who holds me up as an example in his speech…” Juan-Carlos Salvatierra has been participating in the Dakar for several years already (29th last year), but the arrival in Bolivia has left him completely spell-bound. And disorganised: “It's 9.30 PM and I haven't even finished taking notes for the road book. What's more, I still have work to do on my bike. Also, even on the route, I was having difficulty concentrating”. The secure enclosure is adjacent to the barracks where the base camp of the Dakar has set up in Uyuni. There are hundreds of spectators behind the fences watching the riders change wheels, drain oil or change filters. Some of them, impatient to see their hero, shout “Chavo! Chavo!” from time to time. He doesn't yet realise that he will also have to deal with this new peak in popularity. In the middle of the night, which is enough to disrupt any rider on the Dakar.

UYUNI, BOLIVIA - 12 January, 2014


Juan-Carlos Salvatierra

Today was the first ever Dakar stage in Bolivia. The motorcycles and quads will spend the night at 3,700 m asl in Uyuni during this foray into the altiplano. The Bolivian adventure continues on Monday, when the field sets off for stage 8 into Chile. Rally director Etienne Lavigne and President Evo Morales highlighted the resounding success of this new chapter in the history of the Dakar.

Against the Spartan, naked backdrop of the canvas set up inside the barracks of the Uyuni Infantry Regiment, President of Bolivia Evo Morales and Dakar director Etienne Lavigne gave their first impressions on the race's arrival on Bolivian soil. Etienne Lavigne emphasised the great success of the first day: "I'm a bit short of breath, that's for sure, but I'm also short of words to describe what we saw today. 350,000 people is a massive crowd for this edition, but also for the entire history of the Dakar." With all the bunting and flags, the festive atmosphere in this small town with 16,000 inhabitants that has been flooded by spectators from all over the country projected the image of an enthusiastic, open and friendly Bolivia. Such passion for the Dakar is a rare sight. A passion that, in the words of the President of the Bolivian Republic, transcended differences within society.

For Evo Morales, the Dakar's first day in Bolivia was "a day of sport, a day of integration, a day on which the whole world looks towards Bolivia". The Bolivian President knew what he was talking about, as he had decided to live the Dakar experience by watching from the air as the first competitors covered the last few kilometres before the finish, and then went to the finish line of today's special, where he saw first-hand the popular craze about the Dakar. Thousands of fans came to Noel Mariaca, where the timed section ended, flying the Bolivian flag and cheering on the competitors as they went by. The image of Evo Morales mingling with the crowd at the finish will be remembered as one of the defining moments of the race.

Inside the town, the narrow streets were packed with people, with only a few ropes extended along the pavements separating the crowds from the podium and the competitor area. Uyuni showed what it means to love and respect sport, while Evo Morales also saw a generous, united people cheer everybody on. As he put it, "I've seen miners come from their cooperatives, I've seen natives in their costumes, I've seen a country springing into action with all its institutions, I've seen a joyous people. We'll never forget this."

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