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Still one of the least explored natural history destinations in South America, Bolivia is extremely rich in bio-diversity and provides wonderful opportunities to observe wildlife. Travelers can visit many of the diverse habitats including cloud forests, lowland rainforest, seasonally flooded forests, and beautiful river beaches.

Wildlife is abundant, and there are many opportunities to view howler, squirrel and spider monkeys. Sloths, pink river dolphins, toucans and macaws are also commonly observed. For travelers with a botanical interest, plant life exhibits adaptations that have ensured their survival through time. Plants with the largest leaves in the world, large enough to shelter a person from rain, can be found in Bolivia.

Since 1984 Fremen Tours has worked in this unique set of ecosystems, constantly refining what are considered by many to be the finest natural history programs available in the country. We take great pride in tailoring each trip to meet your individul needs and interests. Our itineraries are designed with exploration and discovery in mind with a balance of structure and free time.

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Our best selling and exclusive products in the Upper Amazon River Basin include the Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitano Indians around Santa Cruz, outstanding nature reserves en route to the city of Cochabamba or amidst the lush rainforests of the Andean foothills around Rurrenabaque (e.g. the world famous Madidi National Park among others), as well as the mighty Amazon affluents to be found in the Trinidad area.

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