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Amazon Riverboat Cruise & Trek

The 'Reina de Enín' Experience
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The 'Reina de Enín' Experience - Download PDF Presentation
North of Santa Cruz and easily accessible by regular airlines is Trinidad, Bolivia, on the southern edge of the Amazon River System. From there begins a wide expanse of marshes, lakes and riverside forests that is shared by Bolivia and Brazil towards the north. Easy access and great opportunities of wildlife viewing and nature expeditions are to be found in this region of Bolivia.
Join us on our special explorations of Bolivia's rivers of the Upper Amazon Basin. This program is the cornerstone of Fremen Tours. Since we introduced it in 1984, the experience has remained an in-depth, exhilarating, and often life-changing stay in the heart of nature's most amazing environment.
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Come and explore the headwaters region of the Amazon in northeastern Bolivia, 2,000 miles from both the river’s source high in the Andes and its mouth at Belen, Brazil. The Mamoré River is the biggest tributary of the Amazon in Bolivia. This region is wild and unspoiled, and offers optimal conditions for remote nature expeditions and for wildlife observation. Go to detailed itinerary.

Our journey into the Amazon River System begins in Trinidad, a city linked to the outside world by air and the river. Founded in the late 1600’s as a Jesuit mission, Trinidad has a colorful history. With a population that remained around 1000, as recently as the 1870’s, the city was hardly prepared for the famous rubber boom of the 1880’s. And if your interests lie somewhere between a river expedition, nature and wildlife observation, canoe, motorboat or cruise and trek exploration, or simply relax on the upper deck terrace of an air-conditioned cruise ship while watching the pink river dolphins in the river below, this trip is the one for you.


Our accommodations on board are simple but comfortable and clean, with air conditioning and private bathroom.

• Zone: upper Amazon riverside rainforests and savannahs of Northern Bolivia.

• Elevation: 155 to 250 meters.

• Climate: heavy tropical humidity, with average temperatures of 28.5ºC (40ºC maximum and a 15ºC minimum during occasional surazo winds).

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Bolivia and the Amazon River System (reference map)

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More on the Upper Amazon Basin near Trinidad

Our journey into the Upper Amazon River System begins in Trinidad, Bolivia. North of Santa Cruz and easily accessible by regular airlines, this small tropical town is located on the southern edge of the Amazon River Basin.

Région de Trinidad : le haut bassin amazonien

Close up view on Mamoré and Ibare Rivers near Trinidad

The area around Trinidad is a wide, intricate expanse of tropical rivers and lakes, marshes and riverside forests that is shared by Bolivia and Brazil towards the north. Easy access and great opportunities of wildlife viewing and nature expeditions are to be found in this region of Bolivia.

Région de Trinidad

Amazon Riverboat 'Flotel Reina de Enín' – passenger deck
Flotel 'Reina de enin' : le pont passagers
What do they say about the 'Reina de Enin' experience


The Reina de Enin is an exploratory catamaran ship with charming character. The top deck is a large comfortable 'living room', complete with shade or sun, cold soda or beer, and a fabulous view. Each stateroom is large, has ample storage, private bath, a big window, A/C. The dining room has ample windows on the rounded fantail, the service is great for the wilderness. This is not a cruise ship. The river is narrow, and the shore is very close.

— Richard S. Plant, New Jersey, in a letter to Fremen Tours

In contrast to most of the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon, it is easy to see animals such as alligators, turtles, capibaras (the largest rodent on earth) and innumerable species of birds. [...] With 450 bird species, the Mamore River does not exceed the highest avian diversity yet documented in the Bolivian Amazon. But, for a chance to observe many of them close-up, the stunted forests in the blackwater flood zones offer a superlative setting. The river is definitely the ideal way to see birds and animals. We were constantly amazed at the variety of wildlife. [...] This is the perfect way to visit a primitive land. It is a good mix of adventure and comfort.

— Feedback from Aimée Sullivan, Pensylvania

Before ethno-ecotourism was conceived, my forays into tropical jungle areas were a hit-and-miss proposition as far as observing exotic animals and, more importantly, achieving any type of meaningful cultural exchange with local inhabitants. [...] The river cruise itself allows for observation of local flora and fauna, with the aid of a trained guide [and] combines trekking and nature with cultural exchange. Thanks to the organizers, a fine rapport between visitors and locals adds delight to the tour. [...] Profits from the sale of local artisanry to visiting adventure tourists are divided 50% to the artisan and 50% to community projects. [The organizers’] ideology of tourism includes acting as an advocate for the original community.

— Quote from the book “Culture Shock Bolivia” by Mark Cramer


English-speaking guides escort you through the tropical jungles where you may see abundant wildlife — crocodiles and pink river dolphins, squirrel and howler monkeys, parrots and toucans, and perhaps even the tracks of an elusive jaguar.


Whatever time of year you choose, this program
will provide experiences you will never forget!

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