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Genesis of the Andean Culture

What is it?

Tiwanaku & Lake Titicaca <> Cuzco & Machu Picchu
all in one exclusive package

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The commonality Bolivia shares with Peru, besides the Andes mountain range and the Sacred Lake Titicaca, is its rich indigenous Indian heritage and its colorful Spanish era.

Our special itinerary will introduce you to the unique, authentic cultures of the Andes.

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Lake Titicaca Area

You will learn about their ancestry, including the great Indian empires of the Aymara and Quechua tribes, and their past and present relationship with Spanish descendants.

This is an easy expedition, suitable for all ages and physical condition. Expect occasional 2-3 hour walking tours.

Experience a journey to sites where the boundaries of archaeological knowledge are being tested and pushed ever outward. We offer you adventure, education, camaraderie and a new understanding of the Andean cultures.

Join us for a unique adventure into the heart of the history of South America.

In this customizable, one-week itinerary, we will travel from La Paz and its lively Indian markets, to Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

First we will explore the ancient pre-Inca ruins of Tiwanaku (also spelled Tiahuanacu), and to the shores of the Sacred Lake Titicaca. There we will visit the Island of the Sun, cradle of the Inca empire, as well as the Floating Islands of the Urus near Puno, meet with Yatiri Wisemen and Totora Reed Boat Builders. Then we will travel from Puno to Cuzco by the traditional Andean Train.

Once in Cuzco we will explore the administrative center of the Inca empire and its surroundings, including the Sacred Valley, and the Indian market place of Pisaq.

The breathtaking sanctuary of MachuPicchu awaits us, high in the rainforest, above the Indian village of Aguas Calientes. Undoubtedly this excursion is an experience of a lifetime. As the main highlight of your trip it is logical that you place it at the end of your stay. After a comprehensive visit to the well preserved archaeological site, you may choose to spend one night in a hotel by the side of the Inka ruins.

  • The Idea

  • Sample 10-day itinerary

As a result of nearly 30 years of experience in the Andes, in permanent contact with the native people of the area, our Genesis of the Andean Culture® Expeditions revolve around the concept of "Bolivia gateway to Cuzco"—an original and exclusive idea by Fremen Tours Andes & Amazonia.

Also, this trip is truly coherent with the ancestral vision of the Andean world and its cultural unity. We are pleased to offer you the most homogeneous and best consolidated touristic concept ever designed around the sacred lands of Lake Titicaca...

  • Full-day to 3-day tours from La Paz to Puno.
  • 2-day and 3-day tours around Lake Titicaca.
  • All inclusive programs (7 days or more)
    from La Paz to Cuzco and Machupicchu.
  • Special interests welcome
    hiking/trekking, archaeology, flora...)
  1. Arrival in La Paz, Bolivia.

  2. Learn about the origins of Andean civilizations at Tiwanaku Archaeological Site.

  3. Explore Lake Titicaca and the Sacred Island of the Sun – cradle of the Inca empire

  4. Puno – Sillustani ancient sanctuary and floating islands of the Uros.

  5. Take the Andean Train to Cuzco.

  6. Visit Cuzco and its nearby archaeological sites.

  7. Explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas with optional overnight.

  8. Explore the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and spend one night at hotel by the ruins.

  9. Make time for a second visit to Machu Picchu and then back to Cuzco by the Andean Train.

  10. Transfer to international flight or carry on with one of our special extensions.

  11. Note: This itinerary can be done in reverse.


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  • The Landmarks

  • More value for your money

Genesis of the Andean Culture® is packed with some of the most spectacular places and best kept secrets of the Andes

Aymara and Quechua societies as found in Bolivia, are the cultural origin of the Incas, enriched by the knowledge of the Kallawayas—in the Andean culture the Ayllu political and social unit or basic community system is the foundation of the socio-economic organization of the Inca civilization.

Tiwanaku (also spelled Tiahuanaco or Tiahuanaku) is the actual ancient testimony of the Aymara civilization,
and the Yatiri (wiseman and spiritual leader) is its live, magic and vibrant testimony.

Copacabana is the religious center where the ancient andean beliefs interact with the living faith of today’s Aymara people.

Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun), in the middle of the cerulean and overwhelming Lake Titicaca. This is the Sacred Place. The Origin.

Cuzco—the capital city of the Inca Empire and of the Andean world, enriched by the surprising, magic and secretive city of wisemen which mysteriously died out: the enticing Machu Picchu.

Ask for our detailed itineraries or design your own program of activities. The flexibility of our operations enables us to offer a whole range of products which can be bought separately or in a package.

Combine the major attractions around Lake Titicaca in shorter, more scenic and culturally oriented packages.

Genesis of the Andean Culture® is the only itinerary truly consistent with the unity of the Andean world from a geographic, historic, cultural, and even energetic viewpoint.

Choose among a variety of activities
and design your own itinerary

• An entire day to fully explore the ruins of Tiwanaku and carry on to Copacabana.

• On our way towards Puno we’ll visit other spiritual/mystical archaeological sites on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

• Visit the famous Copacabana shrine and its surroundings.

• Experience an ancient Yatiri ceremony of purification.

• Paddle on the sacred Lake Titicaca in a peaceful totora fishing boat with a local, native Aymara guide.

• Explore the Sacred Islands of Titicaca—Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) and Isla de la Luna (Island of the Moon).

• Meet actual native totora reed boat builders and visit Uru Floating Islands.

• Make time for a complete introduction to the ancient city of Cuzco and its nearby ruins including Sacsayhuaman, Qenko, Puka-Pukara...

• Plan at least a full day to explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the Indian market place of Pisaq.

• Explore the overwhelming ruins and ceremonial center of Machu Picchu, with an optional overnight at hotel by the citadel.

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