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'El Puente' Jungle Lodge

Where the Andes meet with the Amazon

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Our jungle lodge is named El Puente (spanish for Bridge) because of its strategic location on the foothills of the Andes, overlooking the Cordillera and the Amazon river basin at the same time, more than one hundred species of trees and countless animals unique to the region are found in this well preserved ecological niche.

Our lodge is less than four hours away from Cochabamba by a very scenic road across the Andes. At only 3 km from the small and colorful Amazonian town Villa Tunari, and on the border of Carrasco National Park, the rain forest of El Puente Jungle Lodge covers 33 hectares as low as 298 meters above sea level.

Natural lookout points allow the visitor to enjoy the astonishing sensorial views of majestic natural abutments from the cordillera and the confluence of the Espiritu Santo and San Mateo Rivers as they join to form the Chapare River. Various walking paths allow for access into the thick vegetation so typical of the region. Somewhere in these habitats lurks the rare Spectacled Bear.

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The lodge is easily accessible (less than 4 hours by a very scenic, paved road) from gateway cities such as Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.

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Nature reveals its raw glory in Bolivia and the jungle lodge at El Puente makes it your own private show... This is a place where birds of flaming colors ride the fragrant air of an unspoiled rainforest... This is a place where glistening waterfalls cascade down the face of lushly forested mountains... This is a place of uncommon beauty, where the need for tranquility and the hunger for excitement are satisfied... This is El Puente Jungle Lodge, Bolivia’s first choice for entertainment, nature and wildlife viewing.

self guided path at 'El Puente'

The lodge is cradled between the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Basin. Amboro-Carrasco National Parks, soaring 300 to 4,000 meters above sea level, provide a breathtaking backdrop and countless opportunities for educational walks and excursions.

The surrounding rainforests, known to be one of the best birding sites in South America, feature a stunning blend of exotic plants and tropical fruit trees, and a shimmering Blue Morpho butterfly is always in view.

Depending on your availability of time, further exploration of the area includes hiking along the trails of the neighboring Carrasco National Park, looking for orchids or for animals at the nearby Machia reserve.

• Zone: very humid lower mountane forest.
• Elevation: 300 to 4,000 meters.
• Precipitations: annual average of 5,850 mm, one of the most humid places on earth, with the most intense rainfall between November and March.
• Temperatures: 24.5ºC average, with a 40ºC maximum and a 10ºC minimum during occasional surazo winds.

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'El Puente' a whole new world for the senses

Escape to this unspoiled wonderland, where untouched mountainous terrain and lowland jungles protect rare, exotic plants and animals. Marvel at the awe-inspiring sight of delicate hummingbirds fluttering around the aromatic flowers and toucans taking flight against an azure blue sky. Visit a place where man and nature have shaken hands and formed a peaceful coexistence. Experience the Lodge at El Puente – the essence of nature.

checking in at 'El Puente'     natural jacuzzi : fourteen natural pools are just a few steps away from your bungalow!

one of the neighbors... at 'El Puente' Jungle Lodge     'El Puente' Jungle Lodge - view of the lobby and restaurant at dusk

View Reference Map (Chapare area)

Reference map of 'El Puente' area

Many animal species are within one's immediate view, especially the colorful array of bird life. You might also be able to observe various mammals in their natural habitat, including sloths and anteaters, although many of these have been the victims of intensive hunting in the past and are now in danger of extinction. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel is a stream that forms several natural swimming pools, ideal for a cool and refreshing break from jungle exploration.

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