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BOLIVIA EXPLORER — 15 days/14 nights

Santa Cruz / Sucre / Potosí / Uyuni Salt Flats / Sud Lípez / La Paz / Lake Titicaca


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Explore the amazing country of Bolivia. Enjoy the tropical city of Santa Cruz, visit colonial towns and drive across salt lakes and deserts of astonishing beauty. Explore La Paz and its lively markets and Lake Titicaca. You will sample four great Bolivian cities combined with breathtaking landscapes, and featuring privately guided tours.

Learn about cross-cultural Bolivia – Join us on one of our best tours and cultural explorations into the heart of South America. Discover the main cities of Bolivia and their people as you travel across the country. Observe how nature and wildlife change as you travel from the tropical lowlands to the high Andes... Explore 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bolivia. But most of all, experience this fascinating country through its past and present cultures...

Learn about a land of contrast – Bolivia will captivate adventure travelers with its natural diversity and its long tradition of warm Spanish history and pre-Columbian cultures. From authentic, tropical villages in the eastern lowlands up to rugged deserts of stunning beauty in the high Andes, you will enjoy exploring the amazing variety of Bolivia's hidden treasures, in the heartland of South America.


• Santa Cruz - The tropical way of life in the heart of South America: charm and colonial tradition, combined with a growing commercial activity.

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• Sucre - A charming city with a unique blend of indigenous heritage and colonial architecture.

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• Potosí - A must see destination with rich history based on its colonial silver mines.

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• Uyuni Salt Flats - Four-wheel-drive expedition across the breathtaking landscapes of salt pans at Salar de Uyuni and multicolored deserts of the Sud Lípez region, in the remote southern Bolivian Andes.

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• Laguna Colorada, Laguna Verde - The gems of South America's Central Andes offer stunning sceneries and world-class, off-road adventure filled with the daily drama of wildlife in some of the most hidden corners of our world.

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• La Paz - The city of contrasts: a unique blend of cultures and ways of life, and located within breathtaking panoramas, with whispers of ancient civilizations at Tiwanaku – one of the most interesting archaeological sites of South America.

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• Lake Titicaca - Sacred lake and holy sites of Copacabana and Sun Island, where legend has it the Inca Empire was born.

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Nature Travel & Cultural Exploration - Off Road 4WD Expedition


Year-Round Departures (depart virtually any day of the week).

May - October is dry season.

Day 1 - Arrive Santa Cruz and rest of the day at leisure to enjoy the city.

Day 2 - Explore the territory of the Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos and visit San Xavier. Overnight at Concepción Jesuit Mission. [BL]

Day 3 - Learn about the history of the Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitos at Concepcion. Back to Santa Cruz for the night. [BL]

Day 4 - Fly to Sucre. Visit Sucre and learn about Spanish colonial architecture and history. [B]

Day 5 - Learn about the Tarabuco and Jalq'a cultures. Visit textile workshops and explore for local crafts in Sucre. [B]

Day 6 - Transfer to Potosí and explore the city. Visit the colonial mint house of Casa de la Moneda and enjoy a city walk to other superb monuments. [B]

Day 7 - Join local Bolivian miners for an astonishing exploration of the Cerro Rico mineshafts, and learn about the daily life of the workers inside the mine. Transfer to Uyuni. [B]

Day 8 - Our 4WD expedition to southwestern Bolivia starts at Salar de Uyuni (Uyuni Salt Flats). Today we'll explore the salt pans with a stop at Incahuasi Island. [BLD]

Day 9 - Explore the Central Andes: Sud Lípez / Ruta de los Joyas (The Road of Jewels) and Avaroa National Reserve. [BLD]

Day 10 - Continue on the Road of Jewels to Laguna Colorada & Laguna Verde at Avaroa National Reserve. [BLD]

Day 11 - Carry on with our exploration in Sud Lípez. Our 4WD expedition ends in Uyuni. Overland transfer across the Altiplano to Oruro. [BL]

Day 12 - On to La Paz and rest of the day free to explore the city and its lively markets. [B]

Day 13 - Visit archaeological excavation site at Tiwanaku — spiritual and political centre of the Tiwanaku pre-Inca empire. Then on to Copacabana for overnight on the shores of Lake Titicaca. [B]

Day 14 - Explore Lake Titicaca and Sun Island. Back to La Paz. [B]

Day 15 - Last shopping/visit opportunities in La Paz. Fly out of Bolivia. [B]

Bolivia Trip #7 - Bolivia Explorer

Meals Included: Breakfast [B], Lunch [L], Dinner [D]

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We organize tailor-made tours at competitive prices throughout Bolivia for individuals, couples or groups, off the usual tourist routes and accompanied by accredited local guides, to get you in direct contact with stunning Bolivian landscapes, the people and local culture.

Choose the duration of your Bolivia trip, the places you want to visit, type of accommodation, schedules, ways to get around and even your budget. Everything exactly as you prefer!

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