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"Jungle" Rainforests South of Rurrenabaque


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+ Rurrenabaque
+ Madidi National Park
+ 3 Nights at Jungle Ecolodge

For a more classic Amazon experience opt for a jungle tour!

Rurrenabaque's beautiful natural areas and trips along the river attract tens of thousands of visitors each year and most of them visit the Pampas to the north. But if you are looking for something different, you may want to explore to the south, up the Beni River where Pilon Lajas Biosphere Reserve and Madidi National Park are set.

This trip is for the adventurous at heart! From 'Rurre', several hours by dugout canoe up the Beni and Quiquibey or Tuichi rivers is an adventure in itself and worth the effort, for the show begins long before you get to your lodge.

The Rio Beni is much wider than the river in the pampas so don’t expect to see much wildlife during the canoe ride from town – maybe a few caimans and turtles and birds. However, from then on expect a real "jungle" experience with a diversity of plants and genuine rainforest adventures in the company of indigenous guides and settlers of Quechua-Tacana descent.

Depending on the time of year the scenery varies and wildlife viewing opportunities are different but always stunning. Guaranteed!

If you are looking for a tropical experience, Essential Rurrenabaque will enable you to explore some of the best nature and wildlife hotspots in Bolivia combined with breathtaking landscapes around the lively Amazonian town of Rurrenabaque. You will spend three nights at jungle lodges/campsites deep in the rainforest of Madidi National Park.

This trip is for adventurous travelers and photographers who are prepared for hot, humid and sometimes rainy weather.


• RURRENABAQUE - West of Trinidad although access is easier from La Paz, in the Upper Amazon Basin and on the foothills of the Andes, this lively tropical town of around 7,000 inhabitants, is a starting point for great rainforest and wildlife expeditions. Climate is hot and humid all year round.

• MADIDI NATIONAL PARK - Madidi National Park encompasses 4.5 million acres (1.8 million hectares) of protected wilderness. Madidi protects some of the wildest and most pristine rainforest on earth, and the big animals such as herds of peccary, sloths, howler monkeys, giant otters and jaguar thrive here. You reach your ecolodge in Madidi after a five-hour dugout canoe trip, following the Beni River through spectacular Bala Gorge before heading up the smaller Tiuchi River. The lodge itself is owned and managed by an indigenous Quechua-Tacana community. With a lifetime of knowledge, the guides lead you in search of macaws, tapirs, monkeys, caimans and more. They also teach you how rainforest plants and trees are used for medicine, tools and food. Profits help finance small community projects and improve their livelihood.

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Nature Observation - Wildlife Viewing - Rainforest Hikes - Cultural Excursions - Community Projects - Photography

Pampas AND Jungle? A longer stay enables you to combine several tours—e.g. Pampas Reserve + Madidi National Park.


Year-Round Departures (depart virtually any day of the week).

May - October is dry season.

+ Rurrenabaque
+ Madidi National Park
+ 3 Nights at Jungle Ecolodge

Day 1 - Prepare yourself for a long journey by dugout motorboat (from 4 to 6 hours depending on season and river condition) up the Beni and Tuichi rivers. Spectacular views of the Bolivian Amazon on the way. Arrive at your ecolodge in the afternoon. Time permitting, begin your exploration of the park. [LD]

Days 2 & 3 - Explore the park grounds around the lodge: a number of trails are available for half-day hikes around a variety of themes such as natural interpretation of the forest, natural history, ecological processes, medicinal plants and hardwood trees, animal behavior and bird and mammal watching... Complementary activities include handicrafts, canoe trips and paddling on lakes and rivers, videos about the Quechua-Tacana community and the Madidi National Park... Evening activities include short night walks to learn about the nocturnal wildlife activity and hear the sounds of the jungle: amphibians, reptiles, insects, tarantulas, rodents, birds and nocturnal monkeys. [BLD]

Day 4 - Return boat ride to "Rurre" (about 3 hours) for transfer out. [BL]

Bolivia Short Trip #6 - Essential Rurrenabaque

Meals Included: Breakfast [B], Lunch [L], Dinner [D]

Depart any day! Custom dates and prices available.
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We organize tailor-made tours at competitive prices throughout Bolivia for individuals, couples or groups, off the usual tourist routes and accompanied by accredited local guides, to get you in direct contact with stunning Bolivian landscapes, the people and local culture.

Choose the duration of your Bolivia trip, the places you want to visit, type of accommodation, schedules, ways to get around and even your budget. Everything exactly as you prefer!

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We also arrange bus and train tickets (from $25, included in our Budget Tour Packages), flights (from $95, included in our Private Expeditions), additional nights in hotels in Rurre, etc. Ask us for a quote.

Regular airlines offer daily flights from La Paz to Rurre. Book your flights to&from Rurrenabaque through Fremen Tours — count $95 OW depending on airlines and schedules (included in our Private Expeditions, not included in our Budget Tour Packages). Due to the limited capacity of the aircrafts, tickets sell very quickly and we strongly recommend to reserve your seat well in advance.

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