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TARIJA FESTIVALS — 8 days/7 nights

Tarija / Festival in Tarija / Tupiza / Salar de Uyuni & Lagoons / Uyuni / La Paz


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Tarija Bolivia Festivals - 2020

Festivals & Celebrations in Tarija, Bolivia

Bolivia’s Best Kept Secret

If your reason for visiting Bolivia is to get into the local culture, make sure to ask our travel consultants to include one of the local festivals & celebrations in Tarija.

Off the normal tourist route, Tarija is arguably one of the prettiest regions of Bolivia. The area has a rich folkloric tradition and the year is packed with festivals of all sorts. If you can make time for a stay in Tarija during a fiesta, here's what to expect.

Carnaval Chapaco — Carnival in Tarija, Bolivia

Tarija’s Carnival celebrations (known as ‘Carnaval Chapaco’) in February or March are among the most colourful in Bolivia. Throughout the month or so leading up to Carnaval, there are numerous processions of costumed dancers and musicians through the streets. Street carnival in Tarija is colorful folklore & festive fun.

Vendimia Chapaca — Wine Festival in Tarija, Bolivia

A grape harvest festival (Vendimia Chapaca and Fiesta de la Uva) is held every March. Take a wine tasting tour and attend the Wine and Art festival (Encuentro Arte y Vino) which will be held in the Valle de Concepción, Tarija, from 6 to 14 March. Immediately after this event, the grape harvest festival (Fiesta de la Uva, Vendimia Chapaca) will be held on 15 and 16 March.

Pascua Florida in San Lorenzo — Easter in Tarija, Bolivia

Holy Week celebrations occur throughout Bolivia but Semana Santa (Easter) in Tarija is the most colorful Easter celebration in the country. Better known as “Pascua Florida” (Flowery Easter) it is a big celebration in Tarija and the city is decorated with flowers, particularly in San Lorenzo, a charming colonial village just 20 minutes north of the city.

Wild City Anniversary Celebrations — Los Abriles de Tarija

Cultural festivals and wild fiestas take place in Tarija during the entire month of April in what has come to be called the April Days of Tarija (“Los Abriles de Tarija”). The festival revolves around “La Tablada” anniversary celebrations and the central event is held on 15 and 16 April. Cultural happenings schedule concerts, dance and theater. Other events throughout the month also include fairs and handcrafts as well as the traditional Livestock Show and Rodeo Chapaco.

Religious Festivals in Tarija, Bolivia

Visit Tarija during one its religious festivals such as the Chaguaya Pilgrimage (15 August) or the San Roque celebrations or “Fiesta Grande de Tarija” (16 August) — a major 8-day party in Tarija with religious processions accompanied by troupes of "chuncho" dancers.

Fiesta de las Flores

The Fiesta de las Flores (Flower Festival) on the second Sunday of October is dedicated to the Virgin de Rosario. The procession begins at the church of San Juan and spectators line the streets to throw flower petals over the participants. The highlight of the day is a colorful fair and bazaar in which the faithful spend lavishly for the benefit of the Church.

The 2019 Tarija calendar of festivities can easily be added to your itinerary for your holiday to Bolivia. (See sample itinerary in this page.) Contact us for more information and travel suggestions.

Tarija Bolivia Festivals - 2020

Festivals & Celebrations in Tarija, Bolivia


• TARIJA - Get acquainted with the colonial city of Tarija and the beautiful valleys of southern Bolivia in Bolivia's music and dance region. At 1,850 metres above sea level the region is blessed with plenty of sun and an eternal spring-like climate almost all year-round. An agricultural and wine centre, Tarija is visually reminiscent of the Spanish Andalucia. Tarija is also one of Bolivia's music and dance regions. This most festive town is famous for its unique traditions and colorful festivals.

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• TUPIZA - This small Bolivian city nestles in a valley that cuts through the harsh desert scenery of the Central Andes. Explore arid landscapes of red, eroded geological formations, cactus-strewn mountains and deep canyons. Tupiza is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding...

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• LAGUNA COLORADA & LAGUNA VERDE at Eduardo Avaroa National Park - Bolivia is an amazing country where everything takes an unexpected twist, particularly in the Andes where nothing is ever quite what it seems, and even water has its own surprising colors! Red, green, yellow, or blue lagoons await you... These capricious lakes change colors according to the time of day.

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• UYUNI SALT FLATS or Salar de Uyuni - A succession of stunning landscapes and unusual shapes that captivate the visitor at first sight. Covering about 4,000 square miles (nearly 11,000 km²), it is the largest salt plain in the world, formed by the disappearance of a massive prehistoric lake that covered most of the Altiplano about 13,000 years ago. Here the horizon seems to blend in with the sky and you can hardly tell where the salt lake actually ends. When dry it’s a barren landscape; during the wet season it becomes a spectacular giant mirror.

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• LA PAZ - The city of contrasts: a unique blend of cultures and ways of life, and located within breathtaking panoramas, with whispers of ancient civilizations at Tiwanaku – one of the most interesting archaeological sites of South America. Lose yourself in streets brimming with life, where neighbors, artisans and sorcerers rub elbows amidst the daily agitation of typical markets. La Paz's outskirts also offer an array of spectacular sites, such as eerie rock sculptures created from ancient erosion at the Valley of the Moon. Bolivia is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and it is great to spend a few days in La Paz as the surrounding mountains are truly spectacular and mighty enticing.

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• Outstanding places for photographers at any time of year.


Carnaval en Tarija - Festivals and Events in Tarija - Cultural Exploration - Easy Hiking - Community Projects - Artists Excursions


The 2020 CARNAVAL EN TARIJA will be held from February 22 to 25, 2020. The highlight of the festival is the grand opening and main ceremonial parade (Spanish: Entrada de Carnaval) on Saturday, February 22, 2020.

Besides Carnaval, Tarija has a rich folkloric tradition and the year is packed with festivals of all sorts. Local religious celebrations are also worth a trip to Tarija.

Tarija Bolivia Festivals - 2020

Festivals & Celebrations in Tarija, Bolivia

Ask us for travel ideas and inspirations, and let us design a special itinerary for you around one of the many local fiestas available in Tarija. Depending on the date chosen: Carnival (‘Carnaval Chapaco’), Tablada festival, Wine festival, Flower festival... there are many fiestas and celebrations throughout the year in Tarija.

Day 1 - Travel to Tarija (accessible from Salta and Jujuy, Argentina, or from just any city in Bolivia using regular bus companies as well as regular airlines). Tour the city. Overnight at chosen hotel in Tarija.

Day 2 - Full day Tarija Festival. (Ask us for tour options.)

Day 3 - Take a Wine Tour along the Ruta del Vino and through the countryside in Tarija. Learn about the emerging wine industry in Bolivia and the well . The numerous vineyards in the area produce white, red and rosé wine along with Singani, a muscatel white grape alcoholic beverage. Visit 400-year-old bodega wine cellars and try out a few ‘artisanal’ wines, still made traditionally by crushing the grapes by foot.

Day 4 - Explore Deep South Bolivia as you travel from Tarija to Tupiza. This is an 6-hour drive (230 km / 142 miles) over impressive, winding dirt roads that curve around the mountains of the Andes. Dramatic canyons, beautiful red rocks and sand, and lots of cacti. Overnight at chosen hotel in Tupiza. Optional full day triathlon tour of the area – via jeep, horse and bike (requires an extra day + overnight in Tupiza).

Day 5 - Depart Tupiza and begin ascending through the spectacular, jagged mountains of Quebrada de Palala and El Sillar. We travel through some hilly grassy areas as we continue to climb to higher altitudes, including a pass at 4,855 meters above sea level! We will spend the coming days exploring this area known as Sud Lípez, looking for wild animals and stunning panoramas. Overnight at local guesthouses.

Day 6 - Today we will pass through eroded volcanic rock formations as we enter the spectacular Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve. Visit Laguna Verde (Green Lake) Licancabur volcano (5,916m/19,410ft), Chalviri hot springs and geysers at Sol de Mañana among other sites. Finally, we set eyes on the famous Laguna Colorada.

Day 7 - Travel along the route of the jewels—Laguna Hedionda, Chiar Khota, Ramaditas..., and a number of other natural sites such as the Arbol de Piedra or "Rock-tree". In the afternoon we make our way out of the park and towards the Salt Flats or Salar de Uyuni.

Day 8 - It’s an early start on the final day to watch the sun rise on the Salar de Uyuni. Take in the vast white expanse of salt and the stunning surrounding vistas. Visit Cactus Island in the afternoon - Incahuasi or "house of the Inca" is an amazing place composed of coral-like deposits of fossils and algae and covered by millennial cacti.

There will be plenty of time to explore and take photographs of the incredible salt flats throughout the day before we get to Colchani where the locals collect the salt. Check out the salt mounds, "Ojos de Sal" and the Train Cemetery. Arrive Uyuni in the afternoon and settle in our hotel.

Optional Bus Transfer Uyuni to La Paz (09:00 pm overnight bus ‘Todo Turismo’ La Paz Uyuni). Regular planes also available (ask us for the best schedules).

Note that this is a typical itinerary. This can and does change as the rainy season can mean some parts of the salar are unreachable.

Oruro, Bolivia

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The 2019 Carnival will be held from February 22 to 25, 2020. A short time after Carnaval, usually in March, Tarija hosts the Vendimia Chapaca — Grape Harvest Festival and Wine & Cheese Festival. Many other religious or folkloric celebrations are held in Tarija through the year.

Vendimia Chapaca Wine Festival:

Vendimia Chapaca Wine Festival

To fully appreciate the Bolivian fiestas in Tarija, but to also have time to visit the surroundings, plan 4-6 days or more for a round trip from any city in Bolivia.

Solutions for families, small and large groups – feel free to request a custom quote.

We organize tailor-made tours at competitive prices throughout Bolivia for individuals, couples or groups, off the usual tourist routes and accompanied by accredited local guides, to get you in direct contact with stunning Bolivian landscapes, the people and local culture.

Choose the duration of your Bolivia trip, the places you want to visit, type of accommodation, schedules, ways to get around and even your budget. Everything exactly as you prefer!

Contact us so that we can prepare a detailed tailor-made itinerary for you, based on your travel dates and personal conveniences.

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