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Bolivia Special Tour Package
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DISCOVER BOLIVIA – 13 days including Santa Cruz, Sucre and Potosi, Salar de Uyuni and Laguna Colorada & Laguna Verde, La Paz and Lake Titicaca.

Special Offer - Bolivia Fixed Departures

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Join us on one of our Natural History Tours or for a Cultural Exploration into the heart of South America. Our programs are offered throughout the year* on a small group basis and give an opportunity to observe nature and wildlife from the Amazon Rainforests to the High Andes, to see and experience Bolivia through its past and present cultures as well as its festivals. Through our intimate, small-group as well as private tours you will be able to visit sites most tourists, even seasoned travelers, never find.

(*) There are only a few exceptions such as some of our Special Projects, or due to climatic or other natural conditions.

Our special leaders and naturalist guides are very proud of their Indian heritage. You will experience natural diversity and cultures firsthand as they introduce you to Bolivia and their homeland, local residents and their families, with a special insight not available to other travel companies. This inside connection, guidance and enthusiasm that only a native can provide are the most distinguishing features of our tours for people who don't like tours. Our expeditions specialize in people-to-people, educational travel, and our leaders and naturalists are carefully chosen for their education, knowledge and communication skills.

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Nature & Wildlife Expeditions
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Where Your Dreams Can Take You...

Bolivia beckons with a rare glimpse into some of the last unspoiled wilderness in South America and its ancient cultures. Discovering this land of wild rivers, Amazon rainforests, and high Andean mountains, traveling through this land of weavers traditions and ancient remains dating back to the great Aymara and Inca empires, is as much a journey back in time as an expedition of exploration.

Uyuni Salt Flats & Sud Lipez Expeditions
Our time-tested partnership with local communities in the Bolivian southwest has yeld a number of community-based initiatives. These now include several improved (and exotic!) ecolodges located in the heart of the Bolivian Andes so that you can experience a comfortable and hospitable stay throughout your expedition across Uyuni Salt Flats and Sud Lipez area.

Genesis of the Andean Culture® Expeditions
Our special itinerary from La Paz to Cuzco via the Sacred Lake Titicaca is a whole different way to travel from Tiwanaku to Machu Picchu. This imaginative program allows for more intense contact with the extraordinary and attractive anthropological, natural, and human facets of this Aymara-Quechua region.

Andean Foothills & Jungle Lodges
Explore the exuberant world of the most humid tropical forests on earth. Located on the edge of Madidi National Park, Amboro-Carrasco National Park or Noel Kempff Mercado National Park, a variety of Jungle Lodges let you explore self-guided paths to streams of crystal water and natural pools while looking at dozens of rare birds, butterflies, and glittering insects...

Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitano Indians
Deeply rooted in ancient traditions, the Jesuit Missions of the Chiquitano Indians are truely monumental treasures and are officially listed as World Heritage Sites byt the UNESCO. Your excursion will combine history, religious art, culture, and beautiful countryside as found in very few other parts of the world.

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